"E.T Reaper" Lapel-Pin

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Limit "3" Per Person

Celebrate Halloween 2017 with our Limited Edition "E.T Reaper" Lapel-Pin. Design features "E.T" in his classic blue basket with a reaper scythe. Reapers do come in all shapes and sizes after all. Limited Edition of 100...Each "E.T Reaper" Lapel-Pin comes with hand-numbered card

  • E.T Reaper Lapel-Pin Size: 1" x 1.5" 
  • E.T Reaper Lapel-Pin Material: Hard-Enamel 
  • E.T Reaper Lapel-Pin Backing: Twin Rubber Clasps
  • Limited Edition of 100 (Comes With Hand-Numbered Card) 

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