Charlie & the Ammo Factory Woven Blanket

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Our "Charlie & the Ammo Factory" woven blanket is made right here in the USA. The blanket measures 54 inches wide x 70 inches inches high. You can either hang it on a wall, use it to keep you warm during the winter, or use it at your next picnic. Comes with a hand-numbered Limited-Edition card. 

Wonka's ammo factory produces some finest ammo in the world. From .50 BMG to .22LR Mr.Wonka's production of ammo is treated as an art. Mr. Wonka is inviting 25 lucky winners to his Ammo Factory in the the United States of America. Purchase a woven blanket and maybe you'll be the lucky winner of a Brass ticket.

  • Charlie & the Ammo Factory Size: 54 inches x 70 inches 
  • Limited Edition of 25 (Comes with hand-numbered card) 
  • Made in the U.S.A